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Love is in the cards for a young Scottish heiress in the first book of a delicious new trilogy of historical romances, Secrets of the Loch, from New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp.

From the Publisher

A family legend of hidden treasure mingles with the mist over the shores of Loch Baille… But it’s not the cache of gold dating back to Culloden that Jack Kensington claims when he arrives in the Highlands; it’s the house he won in a London card game from a luckless Scotsman.

Stunned to learn that her wastrel brother wagered their family estate, Isobel Rose must find a way to save her home and the people she loves…even if it means accepting a loveless marriage. Or perhaps not so loveless? Isobel unlocks the secrets of desire in the arms of the mysterious and handsome Englishman, but a series of “accidents” makes her fear that she will soon be a widow instead of a wife. As their hunt for lost riches turns into the search for a killer, Isobel fights her attraction to the man who stole her birthright…but can Jack convince Isobel that he can provide a home for her heart, and a love to treasure?

From Romantic Times

"Top Pick: The first in Camp’s Secrets of the Loch trilogy demonstrates her ability to draw her readers in with strong, well-drawn characters. A legend of hidden treasure, a man who hides behind many facades, and a woman who fights for her birthright form the tapestry of this poignant, sensual and emotion-packed romance."

From Publishers Weekly

"Camp (Mesmerized) launches the Secrets of the Loch series with a sweet story set in 1807 Scotland... Entertaining side characters lend a Highlands version of smalltown charm..."

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