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James de Vere has always insisted on being perfectly pragmatic and rational in all things. It seemed the only way to deal with his overdramatic, greedy family. When he falls ill and no doctor in London can cure him, he returns home to Grace Hill to set his affairs in order.

But an encounter with the beautiful Laura Hinsdale causes James to change his plans. Laura, with whom James clashed years before, has been left penniless after the death of her physician father. James would like to keep his grasping relatives from inheriting his estate. A marriage in name only seems the perfect solution to both their problems.

Laura, resigned to the fact that she will never find love again and practical above all else, accepts James’ unromantic proposal. But as the two of them brave the onslaught of shocked and suspicious family members, they find themselves growing closer. They vowed “until death do us part”...but now both are longing for their marriage to be more than momentary.

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