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Book Description

Lady Francesca Haughston had given up on romance for herself, finding passion instead in making desirable matches for others. So it seemed only fair, when she learned she had been deceived into breaking her own long-ago engagement to Sinclair, Duke of Rochford, that she now help him find the perfect wife.

Of course, Francesca was certain any spark of passion between them had long since died – her own treatment of him had seen to that. The way Sinclair gazed at her or swept her suddenly into his arms… well, that was merely practice for when a younger, more suitable woman caught his eye. But soon Francesca found his lessons in love scandalously irresistible – and a temptation that could endanger them both.

From Publishers Weekly

Camp (The Marriage Wager) crafts a spirited plot for the newest installment of her Matchmakers series. Returned to his family in 1807 after being kidnapped and raised in the slums of London, Gideon, earl of Radbourne, begins searching for a wife at the behest of his demanding grandmother, Lady Odelia – one who will please his noble family and his own unpretentious nature. The constant stream of predictably giggly, fan-waving eligible maidens do not arouse his interest, but nonconformist, plainspoken and drably dressed Lady Irene Wyngate, a near-spinster at 25, does. The palpable sexual tension between the two soon has Irene rethinking her plan of remaining unattached and provides Gideon with newfound hope that a caricature bride can be avoided. Lively and energetic secondaries round out the formidable leads, and despite Irene's excessive and lackluster ruminations, the mystery surrounding Gideon's parentage continues to unravel until the very last pages, assuring readers a surprise ending well worth waiting for.

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