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This is a stand-alone, enemies-to-lovers football romance in publication for the first time. Set in the world of Secret Fires, it’s s a HEA read with humor, passion, and heart?

Jake was the Golden Boy of football. Looks, money, fame—he had it all… until the day his wife left him, and his world came crashing down. Now he’s a has-been, a backup quarterback with one last chance to restart his career. The only thing standing in his way? His grandfather’s last wish… and the woman who ruined his life.

Kelli’s first marriage was a disaster. Now the only love in her life is the Blue Shack, the bar ‘Pops’ left her when he died. The Blue has been the only place where she’s ever felt at home, and she will do anything to keep it… even if it means marrying her ex-husband all over again.


The Rainbow Series:

The Rainbow Season

The Rainbow Promise




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