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*Previously published under the name Kristin James, with a brand new epilogue added!

Sam Brody was a man on the run. Captain Slater was the Texas Ranger sworn to capture him. Neither of them was prepared for the Stafford women.

When Victoria Stafford and her cousin Amy stumble upon a jail-break, they're swept up in the chaos. After Amy is taken hostage by the outlaw Sam Brody, Victoria is determined to rescue her... even if it means teaming up with an abrasive man like Slater.

Slater had finally captured the outlaw who had eluded him for years and, then, in an instant, Brody is gone. The last thing Slater needs is a hard-headed woman like Victoria Stafford joining him on the hunt. But he quickly realizes that Victoria, with her unfeminine split-skirt and her rifle in hand, never learned the meaning of the word quit. A bond between enemies, forged of necessity, becomes something much more under the starry Texas skies, and they soon find there's no place to hide from their growing desire.

Sam Brody has always believed he was beyond redemption. Only an angel could save him, and angels are in short supply in his world. But from the moment Brody rides away with Amy on his horse, he knows there is something special about her. She's the one woman who can show him how to be good.

Emotionally scarred by a childhood tragedy, quiet Amy Stafford is so gentle that even at twenty-seven years old, no man has ever viewed her as anything except a girl. But when she sees the heat in Brody's eyes, she knows that he senses the strong woman she is inside. Can love heal this wounded pair, or will Brody give in to his darkness and condemn Amy to a life without passion?

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