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From the Publisher

The customs and concerns of the English aristocracy are brought to life in Camp's newest Regency-era romance (following No Other Love) between a disreputable earl and a strong-willed American heiress. To save his family home from ruin and repay his gambling debts, Devin Aincourt, the earl of Ravenscar, must marry into wealth. Unfortunately, his notorious womanizing, drinking and gambling have left him with few options among London's eligible ladies, and he's forced to debase himself by proposing to an American. Miranda Upshaw, the daughter of a wealthy fur trader, is not the homely, rustic woman Devin had feared, however. She's feisty, independent, business-minded and unimpressed by the English aristocracy. Her only interest lies in his family's estate, which she hopes to restore to its original glory. Although Miranda refuses Devin's offer at first, she eventually realizes that there are advantages to a marriage of convenience, especially one that is a platonic business arrangement. Inevitably, their relationship turns intimate, but first they must find out who is trying to kill Miranda. Camp's unconventional heroine and unlikely hero heat up the story with their steamy sexual chemistry and fiery banter, but it is their gradual and believable growth that makes this an exemplary read.

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