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Very Best New Before the Dawn cropped fo




Previously published under the pen name Lisa Gregory. 

PARIS, 1940. 
As the world hovered on the edge of destruction, American Alyssa Lambert found passion in the arms of a stranger. But Philippe Michaude held a dark secret that would soon tear them apart. When the Germans moved in and the City of Lights was plunged into darkness, Alyssa was forced to flee France, heartbroken at the treachery of the man she loved. Now, she has returned. 

In Nazi-occupied Paris, she joins the French Resistance, transmitting coded messages to the Allies. Disguised, she must live and work in the darkest shadows of the city. But no disguise can hide her from the eyes of Philippe Michaude. 

Will her love save him from the darkness or will he betray her completely? 

“You broke my heart, destroyed every illusion I had. But somehow I can’t stop loving you.”

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